Reversing concrete mixer the necessary experience         Concrete mixer when reversing to note the following:         1, around the car looking for someone to view or command         

About a week before the start of the car is absolutely a good habit, if you intend to reverse, it is necessary to look at the rear of the environment is safe, if not observed around the car, do not say the crash is not to push things down high qiality pneumatic vertical forced concrete and cement mixer to the thing will be delayed a. I once saw a car when reversing pressure on a glass cup (next stall left behind), the result is a broken glass, tires injured. So do not wait to see hit something and then get off. In particular, a sense of direction is not good friends, if conditions allow car passengers or people outside in the car to help commanding look, which is the most likely.

        2, the device only for reference, all-round observation is necessary         

When the rear of the body is too low, too high or angle exceeds probe detection range, the radar will judge fails. The most common is the district where the land locked, the radar can not judge, but it can cause damage to the vehicle. Highly enough but the shape of special objects, the radar may also be ignored, such as poles of cable-stayed cable.         In addition, reversing radar can monitor to the back of the object, but there is a pit on the ground, reversing radar is absolutely undetectable, even with reverse image function, from the reality of the picture on the screen is difficult to distinguish the depth, fall inevitably; the raised stone is the same reason.

         3, but also concerned about the situation at the front reversing          

Big World ears must have the ability. hand operated electric concrete horizontal 3 point cement mixer Reversing the process to achieve a comprehensive observation around, the drivers head to be rotated in three car rear-view mirror is to be scanned at any time, and look at a reverse angle accident rate would be much higher, please do not be lazy here multi-head can rotate cervical activity       Reversing mainly on observation and comprehensive observation. If the vehicle is moving, especially in reverse, hit some objects, such as the low railing, high curbs, parking locked ...... Fortunately, that repair most is losing money, increase the second year point Insurance fee. If the running back is a child, but did not see, then the consequences may serious. Responsible for themselves and their vehicles, but also to be responsible for the safety of other vehicles and pedestrians!